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Clubman B: Henry Suddes (Gas Gas) 51, Mark Peckitt (AM Ossa) 56.
Expert: James Carr (AM Ossa)14, Adam Milner (Acklam Beta) 32, Simon Kershaw (AM Beta).
Kendrew began riding the radical AM Ossa at the start of the year and was immediately impressed with the power, grip and stability.
Grace Poe, chair of the committee, said the Office of the Senate Sergeant at Arms (Ossa) had failed to serve the subpoena for Dela Cruz to attend the hearing because he was not at the address he had given to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
As part of the scope of the OSSA to contribute to safe operations and maintenance of the nuclear energy plants, an estimated 400 KHNP experts will support operations at the Barakah site every year until 2030.
ENEC's Operating Support Services Agreements (OSSA) have been signed with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP).
What are Olympus, Athos, Ossa, Giona and Parnassus?
Weather conditions up in Fort William swayed from gorgeous sunshine to torrential rain but Bolt put in a determined display on his OSSA 125cc trials bike.