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A large multinuclear cell associated with bone resorption.
A large surgical apparatus through which leverage can be exerted to effect osteoclasis.



a cell that is involved in the destruction and resorption of bone tissue in vertebrate animals and man. An osteoclast contains from three to several dozen nuclei and a great many lysosomes, whose hydrolytic enzymes upon release from the osteoclasts resorb the mineral matrix of bone and calcified cartilage.

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Evaluation of osteoclastic resorption activity using calcium phosphate coating combined with labeled polyanion.
9-11) Coincidental increased activities of osteoblastic and osteoclastic functions were shown after SCI.
Leptin stimulates human osteoblastic cell proliferation, de novo collagen synthesis, and mineralization: Impact on differentiation markers, apoptosis, and osteoclastic signaling.
As described above, the MiT family of transcription factors is involved in melanocytic and osteoclastic differentiation, and rearrangement of TFE3 or TFEB in t-RCC may result in expression of melanocytic markers, including Melan-A and HMB-45, (18-20) and/or the osteoclastic protein cathepsin K.
1-4) Sometimes, osteoclastic activity results in spontaneous regression.
5] The more popular Wargotz and Norris classification differentiates Metaplastic breast cancers into 5 subtypes: spindle-cell, squamous cell, carcinosarcoma, matrix-producing and MpBC with osteoclastic giant cells.
Nicotine is a direct inhibitor of osteoblast differentiation and also stimulates the osteoclastic activity5.
Histological examination of the spicules revealed bone surrounded by occasional osteoclastic giant cells, and mixed inflammatory cells including neutrophils, macrophages and an occasional eosinophil.
Once injected, they should target sites of vascular calcification in blood vessels, releasing the proteins and inducing osteoclastic differentiation of the resident macrophages.
The biopsy report of patient also commented upon the replacement of normal bone by proliferating benign looking mononuclear stromal cells and osteoclastic multinucleated giant cells with hemorrhages.
The primary differential diagnosis of primary giant cell subtype of MFH should be made with rarely seen osteoclastic giant cell leiomyosarcoma of kidney and osteoclastoma-like undifferentiated carcinoma or undifferentiated carcinoma rich in giant cells.

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