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The short fragments were a result of osteolysis that occurred during a month of external coaptation (splinting).
An imbalance in bone formation and osteolysis around the prosthesis is critical to the development of aseptic loosening (2, 24).
The levels of certain markers helped the investigators identify patients at risk for osteolysis long before the emergence of signs through imaging tests--in some cases, six years before a diagnosis was made.
Moreover, patients were asymptomatic, and there was no evidence of muscle destruction, osteolysis, or implant loosening.
Endplate osteolysis and interbody spacer subsidence are expected in rhBMP assisted fusion.
Technical inclusion criteria with respect to the osteoplasty and RFA procedure were: minimally invasive accessibility of the osteolysis via the RFA electrode and cement injection cannula, and the safety of thermal ablation respecting neighboring neurovascular and joint structures.
The left 6th rib bone showed the tumor with complete osteolysis. Microscopic observation in the pulmonary artery tumor showed that the tumor was predominantly composed of pleomorphic, multinucleated round tumor cells with an incohesive nature (d).
Goswami, "Metal ions as inflammatory initiators of osteolysis," Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, vol.
In the present case, the body of the right mandible showed osteosclerotic changes with periosteal reaction and osteolysis mainly in the cortical bone, which was compatible with findings of a previous report [17].
in 1954 [1] and Gorham and Stout in 1955 [2] firstly described this uncommon form of massive osteolysis. Till today, etiology and pathophysiology of the disease are unknown.
To identify previous reports, a nonrestricted PubMed search was carried out using the key words Dupuytren's contracture, keloid, fibrosis, arthritis, osteolysis, erosive arthritis, and their varying combinations.