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A microscopic unit of mature bone composed of layers of osteocytes and bone surrounding a central canal. Also known as Haversian system.



(also haversian system), a system in the bones of vertebrates and man that consists of from five to 20 lamellae arranged concentrically around a haversian canal. It is the structural unit that gives strength to compact bone. Osteons are interspersed with interstitial lamellae. (SeeHAVERSIAN CANALS.)

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In some cases, osteon cluster has been seen, and enclosing of two and sometimes three osteons with common Haversian plates has been noted.
Osteons in different colors, seen around implants, confirm that osteogenesis occurred during the entire period during which the implants were in the animals.
Pro Osteon 200 and 500R (Biomet, Warsaw, Indiana) are commercially available and have an interconnectivity and porosity similar to cancellous bone.
Britz HM, Thomas CDL, Clement JG, Cooper DML (2009) The relation of femoral osteon geometry to age, sex, height and weight.
Tetracycline, a modern-day antibiotic, is a fluorophor that binds with calcium during the mineralization phase of osteon production.
The use of hydroxyapatite from coral as a bone implant aid is FDA-approved and marketed as Pro Osteon Implant 500.
The name comes from osteon, the Greek for bone, and spermum, the Latin for seed, an apparent reference to the seed's shape.
For this purpose, Interpore Cross International of Irvine, California, is making a porous ceramic called Pro Osteon, using a process that converts natural coral to hydroxyapatite--the main component of human bone.
Additional services include same-day surgery (including plastic and reconstructive), an on-site pharmacy, the island's foremost nuclear medicine department (advanced imaging detection), physical therapy, an OPTIFAST weight-loss program, and Osteon, a painless foot soak to determine bone density.