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A disease characterized by avascular necrosis of ossification centers followed by regeneration. Also known as Calvé's disease; Kienböck's disease; Köhler's disease; Osgood-Schlatter disease; Scheuermann's disease.



any one of a group of primarily inflammatory diseases of the subcartilaginous portions of long tubular bones and apophyses of short bones of the skeleton that result from specific suppurative infections, for example, tuberculosis, or—less commonly—nonspecific suppurative infections of bones and joints. Osteochondrosis can be provoked by colds and microtraumas caused by physical overexertion. In severe cases, all the bones and joints may be affected. Noninflammatory changes in bones and joints can also be classified as osteochondroses.

The clinical symptoms of osteochondrosis are pain and limited movements in the affected joints. The disease can be detected by roentgenographic examination, but no specific treatment exists. Rest and immobilization in a functionally correct position serve to prevent bone deformities, while the pain can be diminished by heat applications and treatment in a health resort.

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