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Surgical division of a bone.
Making a section of a bone for the purpose of correcting a deformity.



the surgical transection of bone to correct a deformity or to reposition a dislocation. Osteotomy can be linear, transverse, oblique, or curved. It is an open operation in which an incision just large enough to introduce the cutting instrument—an osteotome, chisel, saw, or ultrasonic osteotome—is made in the soft tissues under general or local anesthesia.

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To the best of our knowledge, there are few methods to prevent ST effectively during osteotomy surgery for AS kyphosis at present.
Conclusion: The short- and long-term results of posterior rotational intertrochanteric osteotomy used in the treatment of residual femoral head deformity were found to be successful both clinically and radiologically.
2010), in a study (in vivo) that used polyamide for the stabilization of induced fractures in the femurs of calves, have reported that half of the inserted rods had a fracture on the interface containing the screws close to the osteotomy line.
Once the correct inclination is determined, an additional useful trick is to employ the Kirschner wire as a guide-marker for the osteotomy line carried out with the electrical scalpel (Fig.
Result of single-session bilateral triple pelvic osteotomy with an eight-hole iliac bone plate in dogs: 95 cases (1996-1999).
This study was designed to evaluate the functional outcome of lateral closing wedge osteotomy for cubitus osteotomy, which is fixed with plate.
Helps the surgeon to clearly visualize the osteotomy cuts for repositioning and alignment of bony fragments to their correct anatomical position.
It reduces the donor site morbidity, as the callus resected during exposure and mobilization of the fracture can be used as bone graft, thereby avoiding need to operate on a second site and avoids complications related to osteotomy like non-union, osteonecrosis of distal fragment or instablility in construct.
US-based early stage orthopaedic device company Additive Orthopaedics, LLC has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its 3D printed osteotomy wedge system, to address bone fractures or osteotomies in the foot and ankle, the company said.