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ottava rima

(ōtä`və rē`mə): see pentameterpentameter
[Gr.,=measure of five], in prosody, a line to be scanned in five feet (see versification). The third line of Thomas Nashe's "Spring" is in pentameter: "Cold doth / not sting, / the pret / ty birds / do sing.
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Ottava Rima


in versification, an eight-lined hendecasyllabic stanza, rhyming abababcc.

The ottava rima developed in Italian poetry in the 14th century and became the traditional stanza of Italian and Spanish Renaissance epic verse, for example Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, Tasso’s Jerusalem Delivered, and Camões’ Os Lusíadas. In other literatures, the ottava rima was for a long time used only for translations and imitations. In the 19th century Byron used it for his lyrical satires Beppo and Don Juan. In his narrative poem The Little House in Kolomna, A. S. Pushkin followed Byron’s example. Pushkin’s poem, in turn, became the model for A. K. Tolstoy’s The Dream of Popov and A. A. Fet’s The Two Lindens.

In Russian versification, the ottava rima is written in five- and six-foot iambics, generally with alternating masculine and feminine rhymes (the rule of alternation).

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Incorporating many of Technics' groundbreaking components, such as the JENO Engine, LAPC and Battery Driven Clock Generator, the OTTAVA SU-C501 is able to deliver an audio experience typically associated with significantly larger amplifiers.
Byron's parody of Robert Southey's Vision of Judgement is a five-point argument presented in a prose preface and 106 ironic and satiric ottava rima stanzas.
Camo es's treatment of ottava rima differs from Ariosto's because his treatment of the epic narrator is different.
The poet uses an eight-line tetrameter stanza rhyming abab cdcd, a form partaking of the ballad and the ottava rima, though not completely compatible with either.
It is an ode to the capital, summing up its history and cultural tradition in ottava rima, not omitting "suburban misery" but somehow blending it into an enthusiastic confirmation of life in this richly diverse, vibrant, and dynamic urban conglomeration.
Koch's stanza is Byron's ottava rima: that is, not just Byron's rhyme-scheme (abababcc), adapted from the Italians, but his characteristic types of rhyme-words: neologisms, proper names, hyphenated words, bilingual rhymes, polysyllabic rhymes, multiple-word rhymes, comic, and incongruous rhymes of all kinds.
The form of the poem is meant to sound like the streets, like New York speech, and a bit like rap: an eight-line stanza - modified from Tasso's ottava rima - with end-rhymes and internal rhymes, long talky lines that turn surprisingly:
his 767-page account of the 1990 synod, II Sinodo dei vescovi: Ottava assemblea generale ordinaria (30 settembre--27 ottobre 1990), ed.
The refined composition of her drama also illastrates her mastery of the principal forms of Italian verse, especially ottava rima, terra dina, and rima baciata.
Barbagallo, Antoni, Cansuna Mastra e ottava siciliana.
19) "Si entra nel vivo di forme mentali e forme comportamentali caratteristiche della civilta cittadina; e non a caso su trenta novelle che nel loro insieme compongono le giornate sesta, settima e ottava, sedici sono ambientate a Firenze e otto in Toscana" (Surdich 156).