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large carnivore of the cat family, Panthera pardus, widely distributed in Africa and Asia. It is commonly yellow, buff, or gray, patterned with black spots and rings. The rings, unlike those of the New World jaguar, never have spots inside them.
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see English units of measurementEnglish units of measurement,
principal system of weights and measures used in a few nations, the only major industrial one being the United States. It actually consists of two related systems—the U.S.
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(1) A unit of weight in the English system of measures. One ounce equals 16 drams = 437.5 grains = 28.3495 g.

(2) A unit of apothecaries’ weight. The apothecaries’ ounce contains 8 drams or 24 scruples; the Russian apothecaries’ ounce was equal to 29.860 g. In the English system of measures, the apothecaries’ ounce, as well as the troy ounce (a measure of weight for precious metals), is equal to 31.1035 g.

(3) Fluidounce, a measure of volume, equivalent to 8 fluidrams. The fluid ounce corresponds to 29.5737 cm3 in the USA or to 28.413 cm3 in Great Britain.

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A unit of mass in avoirdupois measure equal to ¹⁄₁₆ pound or to approximately 0.0283495 kilogram. Abbreviated oz.
A unit of mass in either troy or apothecaries' measure equal to 480 grains or exactly 0.0311034768 kilogram. Also known as apothecaries' ounce or troy ounce (abbreviations are oz ap and oz t in the United States, and oz apoth and oz tr in the United Kingdom).
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1. a unit of weight equal to one sixteenth of a pound (avoirdupois); 1 ounce is equal to 437.5 grains or 28.349 grams
2. a unit of weight equal to one twelfth of a Troy or Apothecaries' pound; 1 ounce is equal to 480 grains or 31.103 grams
3. short for fluid ounce
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