Out-of-Body Experiences

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People who report out-of-body experiences typically say they were sleeping at the time.

Out-of-Body Experiences


Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are sensations that one is viewing the world—and especially one’s own body—from a position outside the physical body. Persons who have undergone OBEs were usually asleep or under anesthetics at the time, but OBEs can also occur under ordinary, waking circumstances. Some people claim to have experienced OBEs since adolescence or early childhood. The similarity among reports of OBEs—often widely separated by geography and even history—is sometimes proffered as proof of the reality of travel of consciousness out of the body.

OBEs manifest in a variety of forms. In the most elaborate, people sense their consciousness escaping from their body, which is then perceived as a lifeless object. Usually a mist or ball of light or ethereal body seems to surround the escaping consciousness and to be attached to it by a silvery or white cord. In his highly popular book Journeys Out of the Body, Robert Monroe gives instructions on how to produce OBEs. Monroe’s work more than any other popularized the expression “out-of-body experience,” supplanting the older term astral projection. Acceptable scientific proof of the ability of human consciousness to leave the physical body has yet to be demonstrated.

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Now Birmingham boffins are turning detective with a major new experiment to find what causes out-of-body experiences.
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Since the experiments began last October there have been no reports of anything untoward, but of 500 near-death cases he has previously studied, Dr Fenwick said 330 also reported an out-of-body experience.
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Still tanned from a holiday last month, George is looking well and has told wife Alex, 29, of an out-of-body experience on the operating table.
Dissociative anesthetics are drugs that alter sight and sound perceptions and dissociate the user from his or her self and the world, leading to what they term as out-of-body experience.
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