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A piece of wood, metal, or other firm material pivoted or hinged on one side, sliding along grooves, rolling up and down, revolving, or folding, by means of which an opening into or out of a building, room, or other enclosure is open or closed to passage.


A hinged, sliding, tilting, or folding panel for closing openings in a wall or at entrances to buildings. Doors must relate to the facade or wall in which they are placed. They are an important element in setting the style of the exterior and are an important transitional element to the interior space.

accordion door

A hinged door consisting of a system of panels hung from an overhead track, folding back like the bellows of an accordion; when open, the panels close flat; when closed, the panels interlock with each other.

acoustical door

A door having a sound-deadening core, stops along the top and sides sealed by gaskets, and an automatic drop seal along the bottom; especially constructed to reduce noise transmission through it.

aluminum door

Used for storefront entrances, due to its capacity for high corrosion resistance.

automatic door

A power-operated door, which opens and closes automatically at the approach of a person or vehicle.

banded door

A wood door with a thin molded band applied to the outside edge of the face of each stile and the top and bottom rail.

batten door

A door formed by full height boards glued edge to edge with horizontal and vertical battens applied to give the appearance of paneling; a single batten door has battens on one side, and a double batten door has them on both sides.

bifold door

A folding door that divides into two parts, the inner leaf of each part being hung from an overhead track, and the outer leaf hinged at the jamb.

lank door

A recess in a wall, having the appearance of a door, usually used for symmetry of design; any door that has been sealed off but is still visible on the surface.

blind door

The representation of a door, inserted to complete a series of doors, or to give the appearance of symmetry.

bungalow door

Any of various front door designs featuring lights in the top portion of the door.

center-hung door

A door that is supported by and swings on a pivot that is recessed in the floor at a point located on the center line of the door’s thickness; may be either single-swing or double-acting.

double-acting door

A door that opens in both directions, typically fitted with a double-acting hinge.

double door

A pair of swinging doors with hinges on each jamb, meeting in the middle.

double-faced door

A door with a different face detail on either side to match the decoration of the area in which each side faces. Normally constructed as two thin doors fixed back to back.

double-framed door

A door with stiles, rails, and panels set within a frame of stiles and rails.

What does it mean when you dream about a door?

Doors may have a variety of different meanings—meanings that can usually be ascertained depending on how the door is disposed in a dream. An open door indicates a new opportunity; stepping through a doorway means appropriating a new opportunity, or entering into a new phase of life; a choice of many doorways shows a juncture at which a choice must be made; and a locked door indicates something repressed or hidden. A closed door may represent something hidden, or it may symbolize an opportunity that is closed to us. (See also Gate.)


door nomenclature
1. An entranceway.


(1) See drive door.

(2) Undocumented code in a program that lets someone gain illegal access. See back door.

(3) A programming interface that lets an online user run an application program in a bulletin board system (BBS).


Doors are passageways and in our dreams that is their symbolism. Going through a door may represent going from one state of consciousness to another or from one inner plane to another. Locked or closed doors may represent an obstacle or opportunities that are not currently available to you. Many doors may represent your current choices.
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AFTER the gloom of June, July has so far brought a little belated seasonality to the weather, promoting thoughts of picnics, barbecues and out-of-doors eating and drinking in general.
For livestock, organic producers shun the use of antibiotics and confined feeding areas, opting instead to give organic animals access to the out-of-doors, fresh air and sunlight.
In his capacity as vice president of the Anti-Imperialist League, Twain wrote: "We have pacified thousands of the islanders and buried them, destroyed their fields, burned their villages, turned their widows and orphans out-of-doors, furnished heartbreak by exile to dozens of disagreeable patriots, and subjugated the remaining ten million by Benevolent Assimilation.
How white her face was, how she disdained the out-of-doors for all its randomness and contagion.
In other words, they made palpable efforts to convince "respectable" out-of-doors observers, at least, that the existing constitution in church and state was a guarantor of stability and prosperity for the nation as a whole.
For those who remained at home he provided `Good ideas for your garden dining room'(13) and showed How tomorrow's Western kitchens will extend to the out-of-doors.
CHICAGO - T-Fal, a manufacturer of small electric and electronic appliances and nonstick cookware, is stepping out, out-of-doors that is.
Larry, there has been an extraordinary increase in this ghastly, life-threatening disease, well documented by medical authorities, thank you very much, and it's happening because smokers are being forced out-of-doors in freezing temperatures.
We all require opportunities for vigorous physical exercise and for out-of-doors experience, in and out of the city.
In an area where daytime summer temperatures average 95[degrees]and routinely stay above 100[degrees] for weeks at a time, owner Don Oestreicher wanted a house that would tame the sunlight and heat without losing its link to the out-of-doors.
She explained that she grew up near Lake Michigan and explained that she spent much of her childhood out-of-doors and near the water.
Until now ProPhecy has been limited to modelling networks where the WiMAX antennas are out-of-doors - either mobile, or mounted on the external walls of customers' premises.