outer area

outer area (associated with class C airspace)

The nonregulated airspace surrounding designated class C airspace airports, in which ATC (air traffic control) provides radar vectoring and sequencing on a full-time basis for all IFR (instrument flight rules) and participating VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft. The service provided in the outer area is called class C service, which includes IFR/IFR-standard IFR separation; IFR/VFR-traffic advisories and conflict resolution; and VFR/VFR-traffic advisories and, as appropriate, safety alerts. The normal radius will be 20 NM with some variations based on site-specific requirements. The outer area extends outward from the primary class C airspace airport and from the lower limits of radar or radio coverage up to the ceiling of the approach control's delegated airspace, excluding the class C charted area and other airspace as appropriate.
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The DG Sports Punjab said valuable sports facilities such as grass tennis courts will be built in the outer area of Punjab Stadium.
Two clear pale creamy spots on lower part of outer area of hind femur, basal one 4x longer than deep.
Soon Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief reached the podium to deliver a speech at an event organised by the Jamia Naeemia, which was set up at an outer area of the madrassa, a man hurled his shoe at Nawaz, hitting him between the neck and shoulder.
Security forces managed to enter the outer area of the prison but decided to wait for daylight hours before going in on Sunday morning.
Under consideration are a cross country course on the interior of the former landfill, a mountain bike trail on the outer area of the old landfill going up into the hills and tree area, and, on the northern part of the old landfill and the Maysa arena, an 18-hole Frisbee golf course.
Currently AMs can claim accommodation expenses in Cardiff if their main residence is in a so-called "outer area", beyond reasonable daily travelling distance to and from the capital.
The field of the open space was divided in outer area, inner area, and object area.
Details said, in the football ground of sector F-8, grass has completely vanished from the center while outer area of the ground is not useful due to wild bushes; even goal posts have been also not fixed in ground.
The outer area of the brain helps determine awareness, perception, reasoning and judgment.
As test material, natural rubber (RSS1, 100 phr) was selected both in the unlubricated operation and with addition of pasting oil (BP Enerpar 16) in the outer area of the mixing chamber.
The design improves reliability as the valve and sprinkler gun operate automatically using a booster pump.The SR75A sprinkler is smaller than earlier center pivot end gun models and operates with 35 percent less water to fit modern center pivot systems that also use less water.The valve and gun combination offers a pressure regulator option to stabilize variations in the center pivot system's outer area. Reduced pressure can save up to 20 percent of operating energy.