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Traded second baseman Alfonso Soriano to the Nationals for outfielders Brad Wilkerson and Terrmel Sledge and a player to be named later.
Erstad, a Gold Glove-winning outfielder in 2000 and '02, made just four errors this season, one before September, and had a .
Group #1 is made up of the left side of the infield, Group #2 of the right side, and Group #3 of the outfielders.
But when Roberts was traded to Boston for a minor-league outfielder, the Dodgers lost not only a speedy outfielder but an inclusive clubhouse leader - a man respected by teammates and management alike.
Acquired pitcher Mike Myers from the Rockies for outfielders Jack Cust and J.
Just as outfielders help each other out as they near the fence to make the catch, the corner infielders and the catcher should shout a warning to their teammate as he goes for a pop-fly near the stands.
Full of Pride: Outfielder Curtis Pride, who was called up July 27, got his first start with the Angels on Friday as Chone Figgins got a needed day off.
Outfielders line up in center and left field, facing each other, and practice charging, fielding, and throwing to each other with perfect technique on balls hit to them by the outfield coach.
The Angels purchased the contract of outfielder Curtis Pride from Triple-A Salt Lake to replace Washburn on the roster.
I think the overall defensive play in the game is outstanding and measures up to the stars from the past, with the one exception being the throwing abilities from the outfielders.
Besides Swisher, the Yankees have a few more outfielders that they have to make a decision on.
It's important to know the places you play in, but it's probably more important to know your own pitching staff and to know your two corner outfielders," Matthews said about being a Gold Glove-caliber center fielder.