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(in Russian, zastava). (I) An element for the security of troops on the march (advance parties, flank parties, and rear parties) and for the security of troops at rest (outpost supports and detached outpost supports). The mission of the outpost is to prevent unexpected attacks by the enemy and deep penetration by its ground reconnaissance and to ensure the troops it protects favorable conditions for deployment and combat.

(2) A border outpost is an organic unit of border troops protecting a specified sector of the state frontier.

(3) In the 16th through the 19th centuries the entrance or exit point of a city that was guarded by sentries and where documents were checked and tariffs collected was called the zastava.

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MMDA personnel removed a security outpost located at the intersection of San Joaquin, Pasig City.
The new outpost equipped with new infrastructure which meets international standards.
"For a few days, the heavy machinery of the settlers has been carrying out bulldozers and digging a road at the northern end of the settlement outpost."
"Outposts" clearly demonstrates his genuine flair as a novelist for originality and an impressive ability to engage his readers attention from beginning to end.
Mansour said the protest at the demolished outpost would proceed, in defiance of the Israeli occupation of the region.
The report also revealed that the council spent $5 million towards public infrastructure in the outposts, allocated 500,000 shekels for "preserving state lands" and transferred $1 million to the Yesha Settlement Council.
But you have hundreds of hectares of plantations right where you have military outposts. The state is so silent that you wouldn't be surprised if soldiers came and started to use scythes at the plantations."
Jerusalem: Israeli forces on Tuesday razed four temporary structures in two West Bank settler outposts, police said, in an operation just 36 hours before a visit by US President Barack Obama.
Under international law, all Israeli outposts in the West Bank are considered illegal.
2 ON INCREASING THE STRENGTH OF THE FORCE: We want to increase the number of border outposts by 40 per cent in the next two- three years.
Ramallah: The Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) has strongly condemned Israel's establishment of two new outposts in the West Bank, branding the creation of Nahalei Tal, north west of Ramallah, and Tzofim North, north of Qalqilia, as the latest episode of the ongoing war waged by the Israeli government against the Palestinian Territories.