outside chimney

exterior chimney, external chimney

A chimney located outside, and usually attached to, an exterior wall of a house at the gable end, gambrel end, or mansard end.
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If you have an outside chimney or must have elbows in the flue pipe, a top loader could contribute to poor indoor air quality by spilling exhaust whenever it is loaded.
CLUES: Police forensic officer outside Chimney Corner yesterday
Pole beans on the back fence, a rhubarb plant on each side of an outside chimney, parsley in a flower bed, and tomato plants in a perennial garden are only a few of the unconventional arrangements we have tried.
To create a duct for outside air, you'll use two vents: a stainless steel or galvanized vent equipped with a screen for the outside chimney wall, and a "box vent" (the size of a firebrick with a manually operated door) for inside the fireplace.
According to the building code, an oil furnace without an outside chimney constitutes a no-no.
You may have a CO problem if 1) you notice excess moisture in the house, particularly condensation on your window panes, which may be a sign of poor ventilation; 2) you have an outside chimney, which may not vent gases the way it should if it is very cold; or 3) you have made your house airtight for winter and keep all windows closed.
It doesn't cost anything to talk to the local woodstove dealer about the proper connections, pipe size, fittings and outside chimney size for your installation.