outside finish

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outside finish, exterior finish

The surface treatment or decorative trim on the exterior of a building.
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For a kitchen furniture-like outside finish, sand, seal, and paint white.
The outside finishes will include "umber or sienna tones" for the external walls in a range of rendered finishes.
Whilst the emphasis has been on design throughout the house, the outside finishes and layout are spectacular too.
A $17 million upgrade on The Brice hotel in Savannah, Ga., is at the midway point, with work on the outside finished and the new restaurant and bar nearly complete, property General Manager Mitch Linder said.
A want of nails interrupted the work for several months, and the money ran out in the summer of 1788 with only the outside finished. A discouraged Parson Cooke wrote that they were building too large for their finances, and he feared the church would never be completed.
The bore of the AccuMax II barrel is of course electro-polished using Black Star's proprietary process, and the outside finished in a satin-matte to match the receiver and bottom metal.
The goal is to have an insulation assembly (urethane plus structure plus inside and outside finishes) that approaches a performance of R40.