overall dimension

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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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The Fiat Punto and Grande Punto has taken space to greater lengths with increased overall dimensions putting the Italian carmaker's family car well up in the supermini league table.
Overall dimensions are 4,105mm long, 1,785mm wide and with a height of 1,610mm.
The three-door Mazda2 shares the same overall dimensions as the five-door and achieves a similarly modest kerb weight, model for model.
It has been designed to include a battery that, despite being lead-acid, would provide greater capacity (up to 55kW) while still maintaining the minimum overall dimensions of traditional tractors and possibly improving the turning circle.
The overall dimensions have been carefully limited to minimize required space within the electrical enclosure, with widths measuring less than three inches.
These are smaller overall dimensions than the company's previous micro entry, the MicroFlow Series, which measures 3" (76 mm) by 4" (102 mm) in overall length.
High quality paint finish, strong, robust appearance, non-metallic impact resistant corner protectors, narrow and low overall dimensions and good stability for excavating and lifting help maintain the machine's high value.
The integrated tooth belt design allows overall dimensions of the module to achieve a minimum height of 16 mm, with an extremely small cross section.
Its overall dimensions leave no doubt that this is one big truck.
With overall dimensions of 89"Hx120"Wx60"D, the cabinet is outfitted with a track extension and a transfer cart bearing an adjustable speed powered turntable that is 48" in diameter.
5-inch viewfinder LCD screen in the back which, given the camera's tiny overall dimensions, takes up pretty much the whole of the back of the camera and looks absolutely fantastic--and produces its images by way of a 5,100,000-pixel "Super HAD" CCD and a 3x optical zoom Carl Zeiss lens: It is, in a word, quality.
This autoloading shotgun was designed with input from top female shooters and features smaller overall dimensions.

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