overall dimension

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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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To Check Suitability Of Fitment Firm Is To Mention Overall Dimension Of The Total Unit In Their Offer.
The airline has worked with ergonomists and passengers to provide additional comfort while preserving overall dimensions and the carrier is scheduled to have 26 of its aircraft equipped with the new seats by summer 2011.
It's already been proven to us, by a scientist, that smoking when pregnant will reduce the size of your baby and, therefore, their overall dimensions.
Other features include 320 x 240 resolution, a chip on glass IC package, white LED backlight, available with or without touch panel, 6:00 viewing direction, overall dimensions of 76.
The low-profile open-frame package has overall dimensions of .
Each individual project begins with a complete description of the item, including both its overall dimensions and individual component dimensions.
Double contact bayonet bases with the same overall dimensions are also available in the LED-GBF model.
The design begins with a base kit weighing ~55 lb and overall dimensions of 13" x 5.
The National Assessment Governing Board sets policy and the overall dimensions for the assessment program.
Overall dimensions are 4,105mm long, 1,785mm wide and with a height of 1,610mm.
The three-door Mazda2 shares the same overall dimensions as the five-door and achieves a similarly modest kerb weight, model for model.
It has been designed to include a battery that, despite being lead-acid, would provide greater capacity (up to 55kW) while still maintaining the minimum overall dimensions of traditional tractors and possibly improving the turning circle.

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