Factor of safety

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factor of safety

[′fak·tər əv ′sāf·tē]
The ratio between the breaking load on a member, appliance, or hoisting rope and the safe permissible load on it. Also known as safety factor.

Factor of safety

A factor used in structural design to provide a margin of safety against collapse or serious structural damage. It allows for any inaccurate assumptions in the loading conditions, inadequate control over quality of workmanship, and imperfections in the materials, but not mathematical errors.

factor of safety, safety factor

1. The ratio of the ultimate stress of a structure or pressure vessel to the design working stress.
2. The ratio of the ultimate breaking strength of a member or piece of material or equipment to the actual working stress or safe load when in use.
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There might be sharper price corrections in overbuilt and overheated markets, but overall, with the possible exception of south Florida, the excess inventory just isn't there.
However, while these plants may be in an overbuilt market, we are executing a plan to mitigate those risks.
With an improved but still overbuilt overhang of certain property types in most markets, European investors will be primarily inclined towards multi-family properties, especially garden apartment complexes.
The overbuilt commercial categories stayed with the behavior shown over the past year and a half--dismal contracting for offices and hotels, but surprising resilience for stores and shopping centers.
Unlike other companies promoting unproven designs for the limited and overbuilt long-haul or transcontinental fiber optics networks," Young said, "we are producing switches for the fast-growing and potentially massive market known as 'the last mile' of the broadband journey between the long-haul networks and the homes and offices of metropolitan areas.
New Paltz, which was overbuilt to accommodate the university students has no problem with the seniors.
ICT's unique product offering, capitalizes on available bandwidth from overbuilt carriers to provide business customers with a substantial cost-saving long distance solution.
Because certain areas of the state are overbuilt, the sublease market has become a factor and is beginning to impact on our industry.
Both properties cited problems in the travel industry combined with an overbuilt hotel market in Charlotte as the main cause of default on their monthly payments.
The shocking explanation of what the industry is calling overbuilt infrastructure is "acceptable downtime.
While there is currently an oversupply of office space, New York City is not overbuilt by "any overall measure," said Richard Anderson, president of the Regional Plan Association.