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Any adjustments made to computer hardware (or software) to make its CPU run at a higher clock rate than intended by the original manufacturers. Typically this involves replacing the crystal in the clock generation circuitry with a higher frequency one or changing jumper settings or software configuration.

If the clock rate is increased too far, eventually some component in the system will not be able to cope and the system will stop working. This failure may be continuous (the system never works at the higher frequency) or intermittant (it fails more often but works some of the time) or, in the worst case, irreversible (a component is damaged by overheating). Overclocking may necessitate improved cooling to maintain the same level of reliability.
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To speed up the computer beyond the manufacturer's specifications in order to run faster. Common in the gaming world, overclocking the CPU is accomplished by changing the clock ratio of the frontside bus (FSB) in the BIOS setup (see CPU multiplier). Older methods were changing a jumper on the motherboard or changing the clock crystal. Although enhanced cooling systems are typically added when a CPU is overclocked, over time, the CPU or the motherboard may not be able to handle the increased speed. Contrast with underclock. See mod, multiplier lock and CPU cooler.
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* Uninstall all security apps and tools running on your phone to prevent conflicts while installing custom kernel or overclocking the device.
"It comes preloaded with a variety of hardware-based tools, including TweakIt and ProbeIt for instant overclocking adjustment and measurement, plus a Safe Mode button for the instant restoration of stable settings at any time," he explained.
Intel has never liked overclocking very much, and has taken various technical steps to disable or limit it across the years.
ZOTAC will also use the opportunity to highlight its recently unveiled ZOTAC NITRO which is the world's first 'external' hardware overclocking controller for ZOTAC GeForce series graphics cards simply connected to your USB port.
The company said that its technology increases the cooling power of Dell's new liquid cooling solution, which helps to extend the longevity of the CPU and reduces overclocking risks from heat buildup while running almost silently.
Prime95 is used to find prime numbers and is also very popular with performance and the overclocking community as a stress and performance test.
motherboard also features a back panel access overclocking via a simple OC
Based on the NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX 580 GPU, the ROG MATRIX GTX 580 Series combines a dual-fan DirectCU II thermal design and 19-phase Super Alloy Power components with instant hardware overclocking tools; TweakIt, ProbeIt and an innovative Safe Mode button.
Summary: ZOTAC International, a manufacturer of NVIDIA based graphics cards, announced the launch of the world's first hardware overclocking controller designed to tweak and tune ZOTAC GeForce series graphics cards -- the ZOTAC NITRO at NVISION 08.