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Her overflowing amiability included even poor Miss Darnaway and the absent brothers and sisters.
Here Jones attempted to prevent the poor man from proceeding; but indeed the overflowing of his own heart would of itself have stopped his words.
Now, however, a new table of valuations must be placed over mankind--namely, that of the strong, mighty, and magnificent man, overflowing with life and elevated to his zenith--the Superman, who is now put before us with overpowering passion as the aim of our life, hope, and will.
Saying good-bye to the princess, Sergey Ivanovitch was joined by Katavasov; together they got into a carriage full to overflowing, and the train started.
Pardon this gush of sorrow; these ineffectual words are but a slight tribute to the unexampled worth of Henry, but they soothe my heart, overflowing with the anguish which his remembrance creates.
People this lovely scene with tens of thousands of human creatures, all dressed in white, stretching down the sides of the hill, overflowing into the plain, and fringing the nearer banks of the winding rivers.
Muscat: Muscat and South Al Sharqiyah regions witnessed light to moderate rainfall on Thursday resulting in waterlogged roads and overflowing of wadis.
A The overflowing of Yantra was expected, as earlier this week the Environment and Waters ministry warned of risk of overflowing of rivers in northern Bulgaria, Yantra included, due to expected heavy rains.
The foul sewer connected to Building 1398, Road 225, Manama 302 has been overflowing again for a week after it was repaired in May.
The dam, situated northwest of Limassol, started overflowing on Friday night, reaching its peak yesterday.
Udaipur, Sep 4 (ANI): With the water overflowing from the gates of the Fateh Sagar Lake, tourists flocked to Rajasthan's Udaipur city in large numbers on Sunday to catch a glimpse of the panoramic view.
Meanwhile Heavy rains and melting snow have triggered the overflowing.