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Using any hoist, crane or overhead position, the new stainless steel BHDL-SS automatic and mechanical below-hook drum attachment lifts 55-gallon drums for placement to and from containment devices, pallets, scales or other step-to-step elevations.
A plot of the radar track, together with the impact location, indicate that from the overhead position, the airplane made a half-circle turn to the abeam position, then eased out of the turn briefly to a straight course that angled toward the runway.
Yet it is fair to add that because the whole air mass is mobile, the organized pattern may depart from our overhead position before the indicated weather has developed.
He showed me how to do two types of lift - the snatch, bringing the barbell from the platform to straight above the head, and the clean and jerk, pulling the bar up to the top of the chest in the clean phase and then 'jerking' it in to an overhead position.
Another type of poling injury can occur to the shoulder if you remove the stake from an overhead position using only your arms.
From the overhead position, pull the rope to a point where the hands are at about chest level.
Hold your arms in the overhead position for 5 seconds.
Pic also has the distinction of being narrated by a dead woman who apparently hangs around to find out what happens next, spiritually occupying camera's frequent overhead position.
Can the business afford to have a paid overhead position for his son?
Because there was no room to mount the new extruder in the usual overhead position, PTi put it on a motorized carriage on rails beside the roll stand.
In this case, the pointer is periodically decreased by one, which may create leftover information that is placed in overhead position H3.
Complicated weldments that require welding in the vertical or overhead position are time consuming and call for an inordinate amount of operator skill and judgment, and limit the selection of an appropriate welding process.