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(2007) reported 25-27% for the convergent, 27-30% for the divergent, and 43-48% for the embedded types of overlaps. The comparison with the current findings indicates the difference in percentages for the different types of overlapping genes.
The number of optical observation overlap events is presented in Figure 5.
We fix the community overlap level as P=0.4 and other settings are the same as those in the overlapping community analysis.
I find that the coefficient of the Overlapping Rate is also positive and statistically significant in Columns (6) and (7) when the average manager overlap is included in the specification Column (7).
In this section, we have studied the influence of the loading amplitude on the distribution of the peel and shear stresses along the overlap length for bonded assemblies.
where e is a crossover individual; t is a 2-overlap individual and the overlap path is a 2-overlap path.
I estimated home range and core area overlap as the percentage of each bobcat's 95%, 50%, and core area UD isopleths that were encompassed by the corresponding isopleth of the other bobcat, because use of this method is intuitive and directional (i.e., estimated overlap differs for each individual).
Even larger overlaps, such as James Ames, can be found, but these are augmented by surnames ending in--son or--s, such as John Johnson and Peter Peters.
Received the top rating of "good" in the small overlap front test.
Along paths that do not overlap, data can be encoded in the same wavelength of light.
This testimony discusses the findings from our recent work on fragmentation, overlap, and potential duplication in federally funded programs that support teacher quality.
Yet, many of these putatively solitary species fluctuate between primarily solitary living, with little overlap of home ranges, and aggregated living with extensive overlap.