overlay glass

cased glass, case glass, overlay glass

Glass formed of two or more fused layers of different colors; the top layer may be cut, permitting a lower layer to show through.
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There are numerous Mucha prints available as well as unique examples of glass and silver overlay glass.
A 19th-century Bohemian ruby tinted and white overlay glass jug and pair of matching goblets, above, each profusely enamelled with floral panels and gilding.
Made from overlay glass, where one glass skin is applied over another then carved through to the base, the bottles have different schools and craftsman, but of course that takes you into the world of a specialist dealer.
There were some good prices among the glass, with pounds 470 paid for a pair of Victorian cranberry overlay lustres; pounds 430 for a Bohemian blue and opaque overlay glass and gilt metal lamp base; pounds 300 for a Baccarat dated glass scrambled paperweight; pounds 440 for a pair of Regency green glass mallet-shaped decanters and pounds 200 for a useful collection of cut glass lustre and chandelier drops.
This new material is a glass ceramic framework containing lithium disilicate crystals and an overlay glass ceramic containing fluorapatite crystals, similar to those found in natural tooth structure.