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(civil engineering)
A grade separation in which traffic at the higher level is raised, and traffic at the lower level moves at approximately its original level.
The upper level at such a grade separation.



a bridge built at the intersection of two or more main transportation arteries that allows for the free flow of traffic on different levels. Overpasses are commonly constructed where highways and railroads intersect or over city streets that have both heavy vehicular and passenger traffic.

An overpass can be either rectilinear or curvilinear, dependent on the type of intersection or the configuration of the intersecting city streets. Sometimes overpasses are arranged in several tiers and their spans are located one above the other. Most overpasses are either beam or frame structures because it is necessary to keep the spans low and because of the limited space that is available for piers; arch structures are comparatively rare. Currently, most overpasses are built from precast reinforced concrete. They usually consist of two to four spans, each 10–30 m long. Overpasses with more than four or five spans are called viaducts.

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Since then, it has been hammered into tornado safety talks, booklets and webpages that overpasses are unsafe.
Randall, seen at top taping one of his anti-war signs to a fence on an overpass, is a ``freeway blogger'' from San Francisco who attaches his messages to freeway overpasses throughout California.
Low I-5 overpasses near Cottage Grove force 2,892 super-sized loads through the small town's commercial district.
Following the Bay Area's Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989 that killed 43 people, the California Department of Transportation had identified 2,200 state bridges and overpasses that needed to be retrofitted.
It is still unclear whether and when the Sofia Municipality will go ahead to commission the construction of further overpasses, and which ones, if not all of them, will get the necessary funding.
Speaking during a forum about the urban transportation in Sofia, Mayor Fandakova promised to table within a week the projects for the overpasses to the Sofia City Council in order to ask the councilors allow spending an EUR 68 M loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on them.
Pancho (2nd District, Bulacan) said House Bill 5035 seeks to ensure that public structures like pedestrian overpasses provide for the safety, convenience, visibility, shelter and shade, attractive and clean environment for pedestrians.
Bulgaria's capital Sofia is freezing the planned construction of overpasses despite the availability of EUR 45 M loan from the European Investment Bank.
Freeway overpasses might seem to offer prime space for airing messages in this time of passionate public debate - with thousands of motorists passing by each day - but Caltrans forbids it.
Today, Lee scans freeway overpasses and little-traveled back roads for everything from stalled trucks to footprints on dirt paths.
The architect wanted to match the old-hand cut, hand-laid stone that is located on the overpasses around the Pentagon.
The main works for constructing this section of motorway also include the building of two bridges, twelve overpasses, two viaducts, numerous structures for water drainage, as well as small bridges, parking areas, service areas and acceleration and deceleration lanes.