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Although we noted in our last report that Metro Manila yields are still attractive compared to other key Asian cities, fears of an oversupply situation have plagued the market.
The commodity is still under extreme pressure in the short term due to the oversupply in the market.
Masand said like in other emirates, rents have also fallen in Sharjah because of oversupply of properties.
This sector is suffering from the combination of oversupply and slowing demand, not least from China where the process of moving away from an investment and export driven economy towards a consumer driven economy has taken its toll on raw materials such as copper, steel and iron ore.
generators to stay online during oversupply events by using excess wind
Thus, oversupply and lower corporate profits have hit all three segments fairly similarly.
We believe that net yields will remain consistent, and that no significant change will come to this market while it is such a state of oversupply," the report was quoted.
Noted property developer Nick Candy is the latest person to warn that central London's eye-wateringly expensive prime housing market, favoured by wealthy Arabs and Russian oligarchs, is at risk of oversupply.
USPRwire, Tue Jul 16 2013] Overproduction from intermittent sources such as wind is causing an electricity oversupply into the power grid system in regions where wind installed capacity contributes significantly to the electricity generation mix.
UAE's reputation as a safe and stable country amid the recent 'Arab Spring' is likely to have a positive impact on the construction sector despite the current oversupply and cautious approach to new investments.
Retailers, manufacturers and consumers are set to benefit from a short-term plunge in salmon prices as global events have conspired to create oversupply and cause wholesale prices to plummet.
Summary: Dubai's once-booming property market can expect more pain with oversupply likely to delay a price recovery in the Gulf emirate until 2016, ratings agency Moody's said Monday.