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The ADM3054 is targeted at applications where an isolated power rail already exists or an additional overwind from an existing isolation transformer can be used.
However fishing with braid especially with a baitcaster can be very tricky and with the price of braids these days, getting an overwind is enough to put one off braids completely.
These are fine for spinning reels but a definite no-no for baitcasters as they will definitely dig in and cause you overwinds or lock up when casting.
Because braids are usually very thin for their strength, using a smaller diameter braid than 501b will cause the line to dig into your reel when retrieving under pressure causing overwinds.
A protection envelope basically refers to overspeed and overwind, and overspeed at different points on the winding cycle.
2) Manual operation of the autocon-trivance overwind and over-speed switches.
Mechanical switches at extreme point in headframe as back-up to normal overwind protection.
Some common lock-related safe problems are dialing errors, locks that are hard to open, the need for regular combination changes, slow-running time locks, lost combinations, time-lock overwinds, dual-control problems, safekeeping of combination records, malfunctions, and the cost of service.