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"You can get software that will do multiple overwrites of the hard drive with different characters, and usually this would be good enough.
Other features include: DSS file format support; voice-activated recording; insert, overwrite and delete functions that allow full editing and continuity of dictation; and end-of-letter and priority indices to mark dictation files as finished or urgent.
When we tested EnCase, the only way to prevent the application from getting nearly all the information from files that had been overwritten with a shredding utility was to first shred the files, then run another utility to overwrite all unused space on the drive.
Pulps paid by the word, so authors tended to overwrite. Burroughs was no exception.
But he warned, "Don't overwrite the existing file."
* Don't load anything new or overwrite any files until you've taken an inventory of the entire system.
Today likely does the same roll, adjusting an overwrite and expressing the view that shares will see limited upside through October.
Simply deleting files is not enough; special software is required to overwrite them.
It's quite possible to overwrite good data on a disk subsystem, and to return bad information.
If you're not sure whether your device has the virus, here's a quick way to check set the Hot Sync Manager to Desktop Overwrite Handheld.