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Botany (of a fruit or similar part) egg-shaped with the broader end at the base



(1) A large spherical phenocryst in magmatic rock resulting from the partial resorption of a previously formed phenocryst. Ovoids are a characteristic feature of the rapakivi granite in the vicinity of Vyborg.

(2) A spherical limestone grain having a radial structure. Certain varieties of ovoids are oolites. Ovoids form oolitic and ovoid limestones.

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In relation to the position of the germinative tube and its morphology, we observed that among the samples with conidia germinated in an ovoid shape, those from the greenhouses number 1, 2 and 3 presented predominantly lateral germination (93.
DIAGNOSIS: Distinguished from other phyline genera by the ovoid, shagreened body with sparse, scattered, very short vestiture; conspicuous, flaming red-orange dorsum; short antenna; narrow pronotum; slender leg; and peculiar form of the endosoma.
Tegulum with a narrow prolateral-basal sclerotised region within which the sperm duct runs in an ovoid loop, and from which the conductor arises anteriorly; and a large retrolateral-basal membranous region from which the MA arises basally.
An intact ovoid jar sunk into the floor of a room in Building A is associated with the initial occupation phase late in Herod's reign (see Clamer 1997: 52, 137, plt.
A subsequent chest x-ray confirmed an ovoid density remaining in the distal esophagus.
These terrestrial nodules come in spherical, ovoid, and lumpy shapes and can measure 20 centimeters or more across, while their Martian analogues are typically spherical and range up to only 5 millimeters in diameter.
The seed sclerotesta is irregularly ovoid to subglobose, 19-25 mm (0.
The eggs of Ctenocephalides felis are pearly-white, ovoid, about 0.
Legend says Helen was born in an egg, although this film, not needing to seem any loopier than it already is, avoids this ovoid factoid.
The fibroblasts usually have plump, ovoid nuclei, although elongated, narrow nuclei are sometimes also seen.
McLeod-Smith's point is valid and more consideration will be token to ovoid gender-biased language in ACCN.
Whatever my reasons, I soon found myself sneaking into the kitchen, then creeping back into Lilly's room with a giant ovoid fruit hidden under my shirt.