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Botany (of a fruit or similar part) egg-shaped with the broader end at the base



(1) A large spherical phenocryst in magmatic rock resulting from the partial resorption of a previously formed phenocryst. Ovoids are a characteristic feature of the rapakivi granite in the vicinity of Vyborg.

(2) A spherical limestone grain having a radial structure. Certain varieties of ovoids are oolites. Ovoids form oolitic and ovoid limestones.

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The US findings were not greatly different between MTCs and PTCs, except that the ovoid to round shape was more abundant in MTCs.
Manning has coated a sublime modernist ovoid with a seductive pink glaze that seemingly emits light.
Characteristic CT features include an ovoid, fat-density lesion measuring <5cm, typically along the anterior aspect of the colon with adjacent inflammatory changes.
Ovoid conidia accounted for 80% or more of the total number of conidia (Table 2) in each pustule of the melon, parthenocarpic cucumber, ordinary cucumber and grafted parthenocarpic cucumber leaves.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the moderate size; castaneous, ovoid body with the uniformly distributed, silvery, reclining setae; darkened antennal segment I and apical half of the II; apically pale brown femora; and lamellate, semicircular parempodia.
Propodeal spiracle ovoid, about three times longer than wide; metatibia about three times longer than broad.
The ovoid arch form was most common arch form according to both methods.
The circular patterns in this piece of ijolite are called orbicules --circular or ovoid structures that grow in concentric shells around a central core.
The young rabbit is destined to ascend the throne as master of all that is sugary and ovoid but EB harbours dreams of becoming a drummer in a rock band.
In this paper we investigate the case of a point over an ovoid.