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Botany (of a fruit or similar part) egg-shaped with the broader end at the base



(1) A large spherical phenocryst in magmatic rock resulting from the partial resorption of a previously formed phenocryst. Ovoids are a characteristic feature of the rapakivi granite in the vicinity of Vyborg.

(2) A spherical limestone grain having a radial structure. Certain varieties of ovoids are oolites. Ovoids form oolitic and ovoid limestones.

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Caption: Figure 1: CT findings consistent with epiploic appendagitis including an ovoid fat density structure with surrounding peripheral inflammatory change (red arrow).
- Ventrianal shield ovoid; chelicera fixed digit with 3 sub apical teeth; setae r3 = R1 in length ................................................
In a comparison of the US findings, 57% of MTCs and 25% of PTCs exhibited an ovoid to round shape, which was significantly higher for the MTC nodules (p < 0.05).
(See cover image.) Manning has coated a sublime modernist ovoid with a seductive pink glaze that seemingly emits light.
Characteristic CT features include an ovoid, fat-density lesion measuring <5cm, typically along the anterior aspect of the colon with adjacent inflammatory changes.
Ovoid conidia accounted for 80% or more of the total number of conidia (Table 2) in each pustule of the melon, parthenocarpic cucumber, ordinary cucumber and grafted parthenocarpic cucumber leaves.
These uniform tumor cells had a little cytoplasm and ovoid or round basophilic nuclei, with clearly distinct cytoplasmic membranes.
Each painting features iconic, centrally placed forms, frequently the ovoid Shiva Linga.
DIAGNOSIS: Recognized primarily by the following combination of characters: ovoid body, generally dark chestnut brown dorsum with uniformly distributed, silvery, flattened, reclining setae mixed with simple, semierect setae; antennal segment III shorter than IV; lamellate, semicircular parempodia; excessively enlarged right paramere with a small, blunt-tipped hypophysis; C-shaped endosoma with a spinulate appendage apically; widely spinulate bursa copulatrix dorsally with weak, asymmetrical sclerites and posteriorly with a thin, sclerotized structure; and reduced sclerotized ring.
Athens, Ga., also impressed with its 230-gallon Apollo plastic egg, which offers the benefits of ovoid fermentation tank design at the relative bargain price of $700.
Two large species groups can be recognized within Lestrimelitta based on the shape of the propodeal spiracle (Table 1): the exclusively South American limao species group, which consists of species with an ovoid propodeal spiracle, 2-3 times longer than broad (c.f.