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Botany (of a fruit or similar part) egg-shaped with the broader end at the base



(1) A large spherical phenocryst in magmatic rock resulting from the partial resorption of a previously formed phenocryst. Ovoids are a characteristic feature of the rapakivi granite in the vicinity of Vyborg.

(2) A spherical limestone grain having a radial structure. Certain varieties of ovoids are oolites. Ovoids form oolitic and ovoid limestones.

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compared the ring and ovoid dose distribution to study the post-operative vaginal cuff irradiation, therefore no tandem was used.
Dosimetric comparison of ring and ovoid applicators.
The most common type is the disintegration of matrix surrounding the K-feldspar ovoids, where the ovoids themselves remain less weathered.
Areas with 1-2 cm ovoids can be discerned within wiborgite.