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Discharge of an ovum or ovule from the ovary.



the discharge of the ovum from the ovary into the body cavity. The follicle that contains the ovum ruptures during ovulation; in humans and mammals it is called the Graafian follicle. Ovulation occurs periodically in females of most vertebrates and in women. In some animals, for example, the rabbit, cat, and polecat, it is triggered by copulation. It is stimulated by gonadotrophic hormones, which are secreted by the pituitary gland and are controlled by the central nervous system. In birds the number of daylight hours is a signal for ovulation; in fish, water temperature.

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Leslie (2008) found indirect evidence for the existence of a pollination drop in extinct gymnosperms in the extensive occurrence of saccate pollen in many extinct groups with concurrent ovulate structures, parallel to the same closely correlated features in modern conifers, as is shown later here.
Half of all women who are not fully breastfeeding ovulate before the sixth week.
Up to 70% of women who take fertility drugs ovulate and of those, half go on to conceive within six to nine months.
Ovulate cones <6 cm long; seeds <6 mm long 7 6.
It could, therefore, be speculated," they write, that these follicles could ovulate in the presence of a surge of luteinizing hormone.
Perry says, "We hypothesized that the synchronized beef cows would also ovulate a wide range of follicle sizes.
This prolonged lactation slows mares' reproduction rate because lactating horses generally do not ovulate.
It is thought a hormonal imbalance stops some follicles in the ovary developing properly so they don't go on to ovulate and produce an egg capable of being fertilised - but instead collect as little cysts.
It works in probably about 60 per cent to 70 per cent of cases of women who have failed to respond to either Clomiphene or the hormone injections and they will start to ovulate spontaneously.
html) you can find out when Kelley will ovulate next and how they plan to inseminate.
Most begin by taking drugs to make them ovulate more regularly, but those who still don't get pregnant often move on to more complicated assisted reproduction technologies that cost $8,000 to $12,000 per attempt.
Another study participant, Natasha Wilson, faced major reproductive roadblocks as she had been diagnosed with PCOS, a disease whereby most of the time, the woman does not ovulate.