owner's manual

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owner’s manual

An assemblage of all drawings, warrantees, and submittals that provide the information required to operate and maintain a building and the equipment within it.
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First Mainstream Automaker to Launch 2D/3D Owner's Manual for Smartphones and Tablet Computers
So after checking all the stuff we could think of, we got the owner's manual out and handed it to the rocket scientist on the team.
The Owner's Manual for Driving Your Adolescent Brain
com)-- Today Zoomstra, in partnership with authors Steve Blank and Bob Dorf, announces the availability of The Startup Owner's Manual - Founder's Workbook online subscription, an interactive tool that guides founders through each of the hundreds of steps in the four-step Customer Development process, so they can track and monitor their progress.
The models are being recalled because an omission in the owner's manual did not mention that objects should not be placed over or near the airbag on the instrument panel.
Your owner's manual will show you what equipment to check on your particular machine.
95) joins others in O'Reilly's 'missing manual' series to cover topics which should really come in the standard computer owner's manual.
Total Knee Replacement & Rehabilitation: The Knee Owner's Manual is the collaborative effort of orthopedic surgeon Daniel J.
For example, the owner's manual of a car may state the replacement interval for the timing belt is every 60,000 miles.
Comes with post-ban magazine, GI sling, owner's manual and shipped in a durable olive drab lockable hard cased emblazoned with the distinctive Olympic Arms logo.
With his new book, Body by God: The Owner's Manual for Maximized Living (Thomas Nelson Publishers), everyone can have a heavenly body and a saintly glow.