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The problem-solving approach appears to cater for three important factors in engaging small business owner-managers in education.
Support would no doubt gain credibility if it truly took SME owner-manager profiles into consideration.
Rather than hand this to the taxman on a plate, it is much more likely that owner-managers will simply take more out of their company and the current low levels of business investment will fall even further.
Strategic domain shapes and is shaped by the owner-manager's domain, and the owner-manager is an intermediating, proactive or reactive actor.
Time and time again, owner-managers must face the consequences of failing to properly document and formalise their commercial agreements and relationships.
The question remains whether the Chancellor understands the need to motivate the owner-manager with tax breaks while allowing the flexibility for companies to structure a scheme to suit their circumstances.
Only building the value of the business ranked higher in the run-down of concerns - highlighting how owner-managers are often so tied up with the day-to-day running of the business that they have little time to plan and to develop growth strategies.
Of the four MBTI subscales for group effect (Table 3 lines 6-9), the Extravert-Introvert (EI) and Thinking-Feeling (TF) subscales were not significantly different for the entrepreneur, owner-manager, and non-entrepreneur groups.
However, it appears that the management style of the owner-manager can also be the antithesis of good management practices.
Bank of Scotland Business Banking interviewed 106 Newcastle-based owner-managers of small businesses out of a total of 1,003 throughout England, Scotland and Wales.
There is also possibly a better cultural fit between the owner-manager of an SME and a solicitor than there would be between the business adviser who (rightly or wrongly) may be seen as a bureaucrat.
Curriculum manager Peter Hill added: "It is very much intended for the smaller owner-manager, in other words 90 per cent of local business.