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Oxalis is a plant genus that includes some truly ornamental types among its species.
Adding Oxalis market-leading technology to the Eaton portfolio enables us to efficiently enhance and expand our onshore compliant systems.
The oxalis weed (Oxalis corniculata) has a trifoliate leaf, which creates the mistaken impression that it is in the clover family.
We'll send you a 150-bulb pack FREE, comprising: 40 Oxalis, 65 Allium Moly, 10 Freesias, 10 Gladioli and 25 Dutch Iris, so you can enjoy some extra colour in your garden this year.
PRETTY ground-hugging clover, purple-coloured leaves and pale pink flowers make Oxalis triangularis a great asset in a summer garden.
Plant anemones, crocus, daffodils, Dutch iris, freesias, homeria, hyacinths, ixia, leucojum, lycoris, oxalis, ranunculus, scilla, sparaxis, tritonia, tulips, and watsonia (zones 1-2: some bulbs aren't hardy; choose from what's available in nurseries).
Still, better to be invaded by red valerian than some weeds you might know - such as oxalis, field bindweed or yellow nut sedge.
For a stunning blanket of rich colours, textures and shapes choose from a wide range of bulbs from Allium to Acidanthera, Begonia, Gladioli, Liatris, Oxalis Deppei, Sparaxis, Iris, Lilium, Anemone or Triteleia.
Rockeries are their most popular home, so go for Alpine pansies, rock jasmine, oxalis, aubretia and tiny geraniums to plug the gaps.
Among the purple-leafed (also crimson, copper and bronze) species to be found at the Getty are: Crinum asiaticum cuprafolium, a spider lily with 4-inch wide, 4-foot long leaves and fragrant flowers; Loropetalum chinense rubrum, the pink-flowered razzleberry, which is a low-growing shrub; an oxalis, also blooming in pink; Euphorbia atropurpurea; Hebe ``Reevesii''; Heiiotropium arborescens ``Black Beauty''; Heuchera ``Palace Purple.
An ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer of Electrical and Telecoms (ET) Systems for hazardous areas, The Oxalis Group,declared that it has achieved the ISO 14001:2004 certification for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) accepted by ISO Quality Services Ltd.