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The oil was recrystalized from a small volume of hot methanol to give the desired oxazole (2.
Work described herein is concerned specifically with the electrochemical reduction of the fused-ring oxazole compounds: 2-phenylbenzoxazole (2-PBO), 2-phenylnaphthoxazole (2-PNO), 2-naphthylbenzoxazole (2-NBO), and 2-naphthylnaphthoxazole (2-NNO) (Fig.
1972) showed that substituted oxazoles could accept an electron into the pi-system and form stable anion pi-radicals if the oxazole ring is 2,5-substituted by aromatic rings.
Another significant observation is that substitution at the 2-position on the oxazole ring exhibits a considerable effect on pi-anion formation energy and reactivity toward the proton donor hydroquinone (Table 1).
The evidence presented emphasizes the great importance of the 2-carbon substitution in determining the character of oxazole and fused ring oxazole anion radical behavior.
Electronic Structure and CNMR Spectra of 2-Phenyl- and 2-Methyl-Substituted Derivatives of Oxazole and Thiazole.
The discussions of this paper will be limited only to the first wave or low-potential reduction of fused ring oxazoles.
Heterocyclic compounds such as pyrazines, thiazoles and oxazoles are usually considered to be responsible for the roast flavours in foods including meat.
En otro trabajo, Shapiro (1992) evaluo 23 abrillantadores pertenecientes a diferentes grupos quimicos (estilbenos, oxazoles, pirazoles y acido natalico), encontrando que la mejor proteccion se consiguio con los estilbenos: Leucophor BSB, Phorwithe AR, Intrawite CF, Leucophor BS, Phorwite BRU, Phorwite BKL, Phorwite CL, y Tinopal LPW, los cuales a una concentracion del 1% proporcionaron una proteccion total, con un porcentaje de actividad original remanente del 100%.
Rao, Synthesis, Antibacterial Activity of 2,4-disubstituted Oxazoles and Thiazoles as Bioisosteres, Lett.
Compound 1 may derive from naturally occurring oxazoles reported by various research groups from different parts of A.