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The abandoned, horseshoe-shaped channel of a former stream meander after the stream formed a neck cutoff. Also known as abandoned channel.
A closely looping, U-shaped stream meander whose curvature is so extreme that only a neck of land remains between the two parts of the stream. Also known as horseshoe bend.



a section of a river channel fully or partially separated from the river. Oxbows occur as a result of changes in the channel, for example, when the river cuts through a meander neck or when shoals block a branch of the river. Oxbows are floodplain lakes, usually overgrown, which are flooded or connected with the river when the water level is high.

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In their separate remarks, the Director General of Bayelsa Investment Promotion Agency, BIPA, Ms Patience Abah and Managing Director, Bayelsa Airlines, Mr Henry Ungbuku expressed optimism that, the air transport services with terminals at the Oxbow Lake and the King A.
At many private and public companies, some of the directors act also as representatives --sometimes even employees--of certain investors, as was the case at Oxbow Carbon.
Another Delta oxbow lake is Lake Ferguson in Greenville.
The locations in which surface water samples were collected were the Savannah River (Burton's Ferry Landing), two connected oxbow lakes (Possum Eddy and Miller Lake), and one disconnected oxbow lake (Red Lake) (Figure 1).
Oxbow was founded by Dan Krueger in 2013 to address proactively children's misuse of social media.
During the period preceding the filing of the application, increased depth of mining caused Oxbow to encounter unusually difficult mining conditions.
The grown dog again rockets off, this time with the youngster on his heels, straight into the oxbow.
Over the next 20 years, while finless porpoise numbers plummeted in the main river, the population in the Tian-e-zhou oxbow slowly increased to 45, with up to six babies now born each year.
Selectmen issued a five-day liquor license suspension to Oxbow Variety in January 2013 for a second offense of selling alcohol to a minor.
The unit will be installed at an Oxbow facility in Argentina, and will be used to unload fuel grade coal for use in their production facility.
For almost a decade, Lizotte and others have been devising ways to use oxbow lakes and wetlands for cleaning up the runoff from crop fields.