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oxeye, name for several plants, e.g., the oxeye daisy and black-eyed Susan, but particularly for two genera: Heliopsis, native to North America, and Buphthalmum, native to Europe and W Asia but cultivated elsewhere. Both are perennials of the family Asteraceae (aster family) and are grown as ornamentals for their showy yellow heads. Oxeyes are classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Asterales, family Asteraceae.
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bull’s-eye, 2
1. A figure or ornament of concentric bands.
2. A round or oval aperture, open, louvered, or glazed; an oculus or oeil-de-boeuf
3. The enclosure of such an aperture, a double-arched frame with two or four key voussoirs.
4. A circular aperture in a masonry wall; usually formed by voussoirs or tapered bricks.


1. A steel strap used to clasp two members together.
2. Same as gib or jib door.

oxeye window, oxeye

Same as bull’s-eye window.
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symbol of long-suffering composure. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 176]
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Look about you at the brown-eyed Susan, oxeye daisy, Queen Anne's lace, feverfew, devil's paintbrush, New England asters and dozens of kinds of goldenrod seemingly growing without a care in field and meadow.
I learn from his letter that the Environment Agency is responsible for cutting down the foliage and oxeye daisies at nesting and flowering time at Llandaff Cathedral.
DIFFICULT-TO-CONTROL BROADLEAF WEEDS -- Knotweed -- Oxeye daisy -- Ground ivy (creeping charlie) -- Mallow -- Veronica (speedwell) -- Pineappleweed -- Red sorrel -- Wild garlic -- Spurge -- Wild onion -- Oxalis -- Mugwort -- Others: -- Violet Recommendations: (herbicide, rate, reapplication often necessary, etc.) 12.
"The roof will have a sparse covering of wild flowers, such as poppies, oxeye daisies, cornfields and common toadflax."
Dusty, a nickname hailing back from his hurling days, had his first winner when Oxeye Daisy landed a Lady's Bumper at Killarney and has never looked back from then.
Oxeye daisy and black knapweed grow in the wildflower areas and you can find greater burnet, ragged robin and yellow rattle in the meadow.
Wildflowers include yellow star-of-Bethlehem, frog orchid, fly orchid, broad-leaved helleborus, speedwell, cow parsley, forget-me-not, oxeye daisy, wild carrot, coltsfoot, cowslip, primrose, wild garlic, common mouse-ear, green-winged orchids, and buttercups.
Foxes, raccoons, salamanders and beavers peek out from oxeye daisies and cattails, all by youngsters working under the watchful eye of professional artist Susan Applegate.
The sea oxeye daisy, Borrichia frutescens (Asteraceae), is a clonal rhizomatous shrub, usually [less than]1 m in height, that is found in the intertidal region of these salt marshes (Stiling 1994).
During the period that most penultimate females approach their final molt (mid-June to early July), oxeye daisy Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, red clover Trifolium pratense and hawkweed Hieracium pratense are among the most common species in flower.
Along the coast, sea oxeye (Borrichia frutescens) becomes a strong subdominant.
LOWER MINNETTS FIELD 1 hectare This small grassland reserve is an open oasis among the dark, dense woodlands that border it, with over 60 species of plants like bright white Oxeye Daisies, rich yellow Agrimony, Cowslip and Lady's Bedstraw.