oyster plant

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oyster plant,

name for several plants, among them the salsifysalsify,
common name for a tall, narrow-leaved biennial (Tragopogon porrifolius) of the family Asteraceae (aster family), native to S Europe but now naturalized and sometimes growing as a weed in North America.
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Also called oyster plant, it has mild, faintly sweet-tasting flesh that makes a good salad when lightly cooked and mixed with a creamy dressing.
At the Coast Oyster plant on Willapa Bay, where oysters are trucked in from Humboldt Bay, CA for shucking and processing, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife requires the shucked shells to be baked in a propane oven before they can be planted in Willapa Bay or other waters (B.
Lily of the Nile, ferns, orchids, pentas, aspidistras, Nora Grant ixora, holly trees, leriope, oyster plants and eight varieties of palms are some of the specimens that Anderson used to furnish these colorful garden rooms.