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(1) (Personal Cell) An impending cellular transmission technology from Artemis Networks LLC, San Francisco, CA (www.artemis.com) that creates an independent 4G LTE channel for each user. Formerly called Distributed Input Distributed Output (DIDO), pCell implementation is compatible with standard LTE phones and tablets, and people can move between standard LTE cells and pCells. When in pCells, all users can obtain uninterrupted HD video streamed to their devices with five-bar signal strength.

Use the Interference
Employing software-defined radio (SDR) and Artemis-designed pWave transmitters, pCells exploit interference rather than trying to eliminate it. Radio signals are combined in real time to create a centimeter-sized cell for each mobile device. See software-defined radio and 4G.

(2) (PCell) (Parameterized CELL) A pre-designed circuit that is customized for each purpose when it is used.

(3) (P-Cell) (Parameterized CELL) A Korean cellular technology that divides a geographic area into a matrix for location detection.
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com/pcell) Artemis is a start-up working on pCell, a new wireless standard that it thinks could leapfrog 4G altogether.
Leading semiconductor companies will, for the first time, be able to collectively define and innovate this important proven PCell technology, which is the foundation of iPDK.
Moreover, the Pcell flexibility as well as the fast and accurate modeling of coupling parasitics enable us to reduce the size of our layouts and come up with compact, optimized floor plans.
Since its inception in April 2007, the IPL Alliance has made tremendous progress in solving PCell interoperability.
The IPL Alliance was originally formed in April of 2007 to promote and enable PCell interoperability.
Working Groups for Properties and Parameters, PCells and Constraints seek to grow standards for interoperable analog and full custom design flows
The IPL Alliance solves this problem through the use of open standards for PCells.
There is enormous pent-up user demand for better PCell technology, especially at advanced geometries," said Jue-Hsien Chern, Vice President and General Manager, Deep Submicron Division at Mentor Graphics.
Five IPL Alliance Members Demonstrate That a Single PCell Library Supports a Complete Custom IC Flow Including Schematic, Layout and DRC Tools, Enabling Design Database Interoperability
We see this donation and the recent work in Interoperable PCell Libraries (IPL) to be significant improvements in making OpenAccess a truly open custom analog environment.
Microsoft Windows Support for Free Interoperable PCell Development Environment