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(1) (Personal Cell) An impending cellular transmission technology from Artemis Networks LLC, San Francisco, CA (www.artemis.com) that creates an independent 4G LTE channel for each user. Formerly called Distributed Input Distributed Output (DIDO), pCell implementation is compatible with standard LTE phones and tablets, and people can move between standard LTE cells and pCells. When in pCells, all users can obtain uninterrupted HD video streamed to their devices with five-bar signal strength.

Use the Interference
Employing software-defined radio (SDR) and Artemis-designed pWave transmitters, pCells exploit interference rather than trying to eliminate it. Radio signals are combined in real time to create a centimeter-sized cell for each mobile device. See software-defined radio and 4G.

(2) (PCell) (Parameterized CELL) A pre-designed circuit that is customized for each purpose when it is used.

(3) (P-Cell) (Parameterized CELL) A Korean cellular technology that divides a geographic area into a matrix for location detection.
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Similar to any promising and potentially disruptive technology, pCell has a ton of hype and uncertainty around it.
The IPL Alliance solves this problem through the use of open standards for PCells.
We have been working very closely with Synopsys and Mentor Graphics to ensure interoperability of their tools with Ciranova Interoperable PCell Libraries.
Magma's selection of PyCells as the preferred PCell mechanism for Titan demonstrates its commitment to delivering a market-leading product that features interoperability with tools from other vendors from the very start.
Interoperable PCell libraries have many advantages to semiconductor companies, foundries and EDA vendors.
Now for the first time, developers will be able to author PCells using Windows-based environments, and then deploy them on another platform, such as Linux or Solaris.
Semiconductor companies will be able to use one common PCell library providing advanced functionality across multiple processes, reducing development and support costs while increasing layout flexibility.
PyCell Studio is the only practical solution for creating migratable, process-independent PCell libraries.
We designed PCell Xtreme to ease the adoption of OpenAccess among advanced IC designers.
today announced that Mentor Graphics (Nasdaq:MENT) and Ciranova have validated interoperability of Ciranova's full PCell generation and migration product line with Mentor's next-generation physical verification tool, Calibre[R] nmDRC.
Ciranova's PCell solution enables design teams to preserve their existing PCell investment as well as offering a next generation PCell creation capability that promotes interoperability.
Supporting designers in creating their first-time-right mixed signal designs even for complex designs, this comprehensive design environment with its highly accurate simulation models and flexible SKILL-based PCells provides a proven route to silicon.