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Upon completion, the project "Communication Centre for Ethical Tourism" has been launched to help feeding public relations materials to the general public, promoting several tips before buying package tours from tour agencies and the way to have safe and fair travels in and around the country.
Package tours organized by travel bureaus were valued at US$ 32 million in 2007, up from US$ 27 million in 2006.
Morgan Stanley analysts said a sector-average ratio of 13 times price-to-earnings would value First Choice's package tour business at pounds 500 million.
Growing on line bookings and the rise of low cost airlines could lead to the death of package tour companies, the report warns.
But now package tours are so common that it isn't even a possibility anymore, In a lot of cities, there're two different show-going worlds: The kids who buy these records and go see package tours and the kids who are into what's going on in their own town and are excited about it.
Revenues from overall package tours organized by the agencies in October declined 41.
As most of their multi-day sightseeing package tours include a hotel stay, this feature was introduced on the Tours4Fun website exclusively in response to the suggestions from many travelers who were seeking a good staying arrangement in case they choose to arrive at the tour destination before the tour commences or extend their sightseeing vacation by staying back after the tour ends.
Sunquest, founded in 1996, arranges package tours and cruises.
According to the APTDC earlier statement, two of the AC mini-buses, at present gathering dust at a government yard, would be operated to manage a daily package tour amid Hyderabad and Srisailam.
Only two acts had been finalized for the Horde '97 package tour - which opens today in San Francisco - when the jazzy trio Morphine climbed aboard.
Sooner or later, someone was bound to put together two 1990s phenomena: the surging commercial fortunes of female songwriters and the summer package tour as reinvented by the Lollapalooza festival.