packet sniffer

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packet sniffer

(networking, tool)
A network monitoring tool that captures data packets and decodes them using built-in knowledge of common protocols. Sniffers are used to debug and monitor networking problems.
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network analyzer

A hardware device or server software that captures packets transmitted in a network for routine inspection and problem detection. Also called a "sniffer," "packet sniffer," "packet analyzer," "packet sampler," "traffic analyzer" and "protocol analyzer," the hardware analyzer plugs into a port on a network switch and decodes one or more protocols into a human-readable format for the network administrator. It can also store packets for further analysis later on.

In order to alert admins about traffic problems, packets are analyzed in real time. Hardware network analyzers can detect voltage and cable problems, whereas software analyzers cannot. See IPFIX, sFlow and port mirroring.
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It ensures integrity, confidentiality, and authentication between two devices in a network, providing strong defense against threats such as "man in the middle" attacks and packet sniffers.
Switches can also be used to facilitate the capture of data using "packet sniffers."
Packet sniffers, firewalls, virus scanners, and spam filters are doing a good job securing the borders, but what about insider threats?
Packet sniffers, firewalls, virus scanners and spam filters are doing a good job securing the borders, but what about insider threats?
IPSec is also terrific for reducing the threat of packet sniffers, man-in-the-middle attacks or replay attacks.
"When Google created its data collection systems on its Google Street View (GSV), it included wireless packet sniffers that, in addition to collecting the user's unique or chosen Wi-Fi network name (SSID information), the unique number given to the user's hardware used to broadcast a user's Wi-Fi signal (MAC address, the GSV data collection systems also collected data consisting of all or part of any documents, e-mails, video, audio, and VoIP information being sent over the network by the user," the lawsuit stated.
Packet sniffers require extra hardware to capture calls whereas API recording harvests calls directly from the phone system.
Because it is easy to "tap" into a VoIP system using readily available packet sniffers, VoIP calls are prone to attack.
employed different types of packet sniffers over the years.
In the case of IP networks these sensors are packet sniffers which perform rudimentary metadata association.
Despite the billions spent annually on antivirus software, firewalls, intrusion detection systems and packet sniffers, attacks will keep occurring, and people will continue to find methods to exploit the security holes.
Software called packet sniffers can be configured to capture packets going to or from a computer.