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(graphic arts)
The art of planning page format to allow sequence page numbering.
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the consecutive numbering of the pages of a printed work, indicated by page numbers located at the top or bottom of a page. Pagination also refers to the total number of pages in a printed work, including such material as maps and appendixes.

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(1) Page numbering.

(2) Laying out printed pages, which includes page numbers, margins, tabs, headers, footers and columns. The term generally refers to printing books and long manuscripts rather than ads and brochures with only a few pages. See paginated and page layout program.
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Restored, good condition with some scratched and amended folios; 500 mm x 380 mm; 127 folios with flyleaves between each folio; with index; incomplete Arabic pagination in black ink.
In case of Google Docs, this new option of pagination allows one to view the page breaks in a documents and printing has been made easier.
Sophia's letters are bound chronologically and paginated sequentially, retaining minor idiosyncrasies, errors in pagination, and lacunae as noted in the accompanying chart.
In our book, we cite evidence that seldom is editorial staff added for pagination. Unless some of the money saved in composing room expense by pagination is invested in editorial rooms, the price will be overburdened editorial staffs and fewer safeguards against error.
It is not uncommon for pagination changes, altered graphics displays, and different text fonts to occur when native format documents are converted to PDE "Changing target printers will often affect the layout of your publication -- in line endings, font substitution, or number of pages" (Adobe Magazine 2000).
(*) The authors' school pays pagination fees every other year, once per annum.
During its lean years -- and ones not so lean -- the paper in question had ignored first pagination and then computer-to-plate -- deadly mistakes.
Unisys will add the business to its Unisys publishing system business, which currently covers editorial, electronic pagination and archiving systems.
Matthew Bender and Hyperlaw use West's pagination system in their CD-ROM compilations of legal opinions to help users cross-reference the opinions with West's printed versions.
One final proposal -- it seems strange to retain the original pagination of the articles as the sole pagination of the book.
As for the real-time formatting and pagination, this is the feature guaranteed to make any writer accustomed to word processor routines drool with excitement.
West's proprietary claim over the so-called star pagination system--a citation system developed by West and used by courts and lawyers to cite to federal case law--was the sticking point.