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paint horse:

see pinto horsepinto horse,
American light horse, characterized by large, irregular color markings—most commonly black (or dark) and white. Horses of this pattern, known regionally as "paints" [Span. pinto=painted] were favored by the buffalo hunters of the American Great Plains.
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1 -- color) Ariel Anders of Bakersfield rides her horse in a line of entrants during the Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club's free Paint-O-Rama horse show Saturday at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.
She will resume competing in the spring with her other paint horse, Wilma.
After evaluating the request, we determined that Mount Pleasant Meadows complies with the standards and requirements for granting an amended probationary race meeting license to include American Paint horses," said Bacola.
color) Laurasia Mattingly, center, with her parents Lourdes Gutierrez and Jack Mattingly at the Greater Los Angeles Paint Horse Club's Show for the Gold at Pierce College.
Glendale resident Tony Esteban encountered the same brown and white pit bull while in the hills with his 10-year-old paint horse and two German shepherds.
Event volunteer Lisa Brown, a horse trainer at Will Rogers State Park, had brought a gelding paint horse named Skippy Lou to teach the children about animals.
Draw and Paint Realistic Horses takes readers step-by-step through how to draw and paint horses, offering 12 start-to-finish projects that cover a range of poses and horses, from foals to race horses.
I love to depict the emotions that flow between the horse and his partner, and I'm now seeking more opportunities to paint horses with their owners or trainers.
At one point during the day, riders on Arabians, paint horses and Appaloosas trotted around an oval arena, with an instructor watching closely.