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paint horse:

see pinto horsepinto horse,
American light horse, characterized by large, irregular color markings—most commonly black (or dark) and white. Horses of this pattern, known regionally as "paints" [Span. pinto=painted] were favored by the buffalo hunters of the American Great Plains.
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Once a week for eight semesters, he loaded his paint horse into his Chevrolet pickup, drove leisurely to Amarillo, unloaded the horse, raised the wooden floor and packed the area below with pints of whiskey lying flat.
Egon Settle, a well-known Texas cowboy in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, rides Free Falling, a paint horse, to work during the winter months.
The American Paint Horse Association has 104,000 members.
Soon after winning the American Paint Horse Association title in July, Potwora sold Henry to a California rider.
She will resume competing in the spring with her other paint horse, Wilma.
Accomplishment: In July, Potwora, an equestrian from Eugene, and her horse took top honors in the American Paint Horse Association's Junior Horse Hunter Hack competition.
The APH types are characterised by numerous colours and coat patterns, Overo, Tobiano and Tovero markings all important to owners, each to comply before registration with the American Paint Horse Association.
Draw and Paint Realistic Horses takes readers step-by-step through how to draw and paint horses, offering 12 start-to-finish projects that cover a range of poses and horses, from foals to race horses.
The project culminated in a show complete with tricks and dances from Arabian, quarter and paint horses. About 4,000 students enjoyed the entertainment.