paint kettle

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paint kettle, paint pot

An open can with a bail (wire handle) for carrying or hanging on ladders while painting.
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The paint kettle is lightweight and easier to move around; if you do have a spillage it is a minor disaster rather than a major catastrophe.
When using a step-ladder, pour a small amount of paint into a paint kettle so it's easier to handle.
You can get round this by putting a small amount of paint into a paint kettle and working from that, so all the paint isn't ruined if the kettle becomes contaminated.
STEP 4 For oil-based paints, put a small amount of white spirit into a paint kettle or brush holder.
BLEND equal quantities of white emulsion paint with emulsion glaze in a paint kettle.
First, you base coat the wall, then mix one part of the base colour with equal parts of white emulsion and water in a plastic bucket or paint kettle.
It is better to decant a little into either a paint kettle or a paint tray.
Use a paint kettle or any old plastic container that is big enough for the job.