paint sprayer

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spray gun

spray gun
A tool, operated with compressed air or fluid pressure, which expels paint, mortar, etc., through a small orifice, onto the surface being coated. Also see concrete gun.
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The cushions are then positioned around the paint sprayer and the entire product is placed in a corrugated box for shipping.
Once employed as a paint sprayer you will usually continue training on the job, under the supervision of more experienced members of staff.
Aaron Green, 27, was on his way to work as a paint sprayer when the accident happened on the B4114 between Ansley Common and Church End, Nuneaton, on Saturday morning.
Dominic Miller, a paint sprayer at Heartlands Ford in Erdington, and his family collected the money for Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospitals after their friends' baby was born prematurely at the hospital's special care unit weighing just one pound.
Paint sprayer Sandy Haining was driving the bike out of the forecourt of the garage where he worked.
Top Tip: If you have a large area to paint I'd recommend using a power paint sprayer - this will save time and money.
As well as attending college, Michael was able to gain some valuable hands-on experience through his job with Tanfield Body Repair as an apprentice paint sprayer.
The paint sprayer said: "I'm chuffed, it's something for the kids.
Christopher McCaffery, 33, a paint sprayer from Moreton, died when his vehicle crashed after a car battery, allegedly thrown from a bridge, smashed through his windscreen.
So Alan, a 50-year-old car paint sprayer and his pal, Elwyn, 56, invited others in their festival digs to share a consolation cod feast.