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Clarion Builds Program's Latest Silver Sponsor Provides Top Quality Paint System and Participates in Marketing Activities Designed to Promote the Build, Partnership and Program
Aqua-tech Paint System reduces both volatile organic compounds (VOC) and CO2 emissions during the manufacturing processes.
Now today we write day PPG, but there are alternatives in the market that provide the same or better result, environmentally friendlier or less harmful to the userIn addition, we as NedTrain to see if a new paint system can provide benefit in terms of price, quality and turnaround time (transport), where process improvements also lead to quality improvements.
The first of its kind, the 2-Wet Monocoat paint system was designed to help OEM customers reduce the complexity of the conventional coating process and increase productivity by fusing the properties of a basecoat and clearcoat into one coating layer and reducing the number of drying cycles and ovens from two to one.
Fifty amps of power output from the electrical system will provide plenty of juice for today's electronics and Yamaha's anti-corrosion paint system will protect your investment.
It is well known that re-applying an inferior paint system over an existing oxidized paint surface will yield the same inferior results.
The health risks from the fungi and mould spores are well documented, which makes an anti-fungal paint system essential," said a spokesman for the Dammam-based Sigma Paints.
Keywords Paint system, Old building, Damp substrate, Drying, Moisture transport
For example, Figure 4 shows two SIMS spectra obtained from an automotive paint system where the clearcoat does not completely wet out on the basecoat, causing a crater to form.
This extremely durable, high-quality paint system is a tribute to both the environment and human health and the first zero per cent VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint system in Arabia," a company spokesman said.
Employing environment-friendly Waterborne Paint System this business caters to both import and domestic vehicles.
The aqua-tech paint system also maintains the same world-class low CO2 emissions volume as the three layer wet paint system -- Mazda's paint system currently installed at all of its production facilities in Japan -- and reduces VOC emissions by a further 57 per cent.