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(design engineering)
Any of various devices for holding, handling, or lifting materials and consisting of two legs joined eccentrically by a pivot or spring.



a tool in the form of lever pincers for clamping or securing materials or goods while working on them. There are joiners’, blacksmiths’, electricians’, and other types of tongs. Blacksmiths’ lever tongs appeared at the beginning of the Iron Age. They were probably preceded by pincer-like tongs used by metal-makers in the Bronze Age (for example, in Egypt). The specialization of the blacksmiths’ trade led to the appearance of specialized tongs, including ones with specially shaped jaws.

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He adapted an implement that Morstede describes as a pair of tongs (which were "round and hollowish"), with which he grasped the arrow and triumphantly pulled it out.
She's introduced the Lakewood Ranch ladies to at least one novel and easy recipe: a no-bake cookie that involves slathering Ritz crackers with peanut butter, dipping the peanut butter and Ritz cracker sandwiches in melted chocolate with a pair of tongs and popping them into the refrigerator until they harden.
Whereas other restriction enzymes grip DNA like a pair of tongs, "this enzyme grabs it in a kind of sliding motion, so the two subunits slide past each other" like scissors' blades, says Aggarwal.
In a rare sighting, Cripe nabbed Sparky with a pair of tongs.
MY chum Alan was giving me advice on how to get into a drawer in a kitchen cabinet which has been jammed by a pair of tongs inside.
Similarly, many New York bartenders still work barehanded, dropping limes into gin-and-tonics but keeping a pair of tongs handy for visits by inspectors, said Aaron Smith, executive director of the U.
2 Mix the dressing ingredients together, pour half over the salad, then gently toss together - using a couple of forks or pair of tongs will make this job easier.
Boil asparagus for 4- 5 minutes, lift out with a pair of tongs onto a tray so you can arrange them in a line, and then place them on four warm plates Spoon some of the dressing over and with a potato peeler cut thin strips of parmesan and sprinkle on top of each plate and serve at once.
The set includes a fork, a pair of tongs, two large skewers, a slice, a gas barbecue lighter, four sweetcorn forks and a bristle brush for oils and marinades.
Trim off a piece of beef fat and holding it with a pair of tongs, rub fat onto bottom of skillet to create a slick coating.