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Pullman, an American industrialist who founded the Pullman Palace Car Company in 1867 to manufacture luxury passenger railcars.
Previously owned by the Imperial Palace Car Museum in Las Vegas, it's absolutely original and unrestored - and priced to sell at pounds 18,500.
Others in the 'American Workers' series cover specific events in labor history: Nancy Whitelaw's The Homestead Steel Strike Of 1892 (1931798885) covers conflicts between workers and Carnegie and Frick, who had to deal with a powerful labor union; Rosemary Laughlin's The Ludlow Massacre Of 1813-14 (1931798869) tells of a Colorado strike by mine workers which turned into bloodshed, and her Pullman Strike Of 1894 (1931798893) reveals the first major strike at the Pullman Palace Car Company.
Our special palace car, which has just left the shops of Barnie & Smith, at Dayton, is a thing of beauty," wrote Fred W.
In 1894, not yet a socialist but an organizer for the American Railway Union, he had led a nationwide boycott of the railroads in support of the striking workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company.
A sampling of some of the other figures who are covered includes William Ogden, who helped dig a canal and ramrod a railroad across the continent; Ward and Sears, who made the mail-order business large-scale; Ernest Lehman, who invented the American department store; Ellis Chesbrough, the engineering genius who reversed the Chicago River; George Pullman, who raised the city out of the mud and developed the Palace Car sleeper, but muddied his own reputation because of the bitter and violent Pullman strike and associated riots; Louis Sullivan, who midwifed the modern skyscraper; and Theodore Dreiser, who authored Sister Carrie, "the greatest of all American urban novels" (263).
George Pullman incorporated the Pullman Palace Car Company.
In 1893, he was elected president of the new American Railway Union, and the next year Debs led a major strike against the Pullman Palace Car Company, which ended with federal troops in Chicago and Debs in jail for six months for contempt of court.