pale brick

salmon brick

A poor quality brick that lacks weather resistance; so named because of its pink color; commonly used to fill spaces between interior structural timbers in a timber-framed house in order to provide increased structural rigidity and improved thermal insulation.
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I personally find the pale brick facade a little jarring, contrasting too brightly with 1880s Wilson in red and Harrison's 1960s concrete swoops.
More porous than common red brick, the pale brick absorbed black coal soot and pollutants from industrial-era skies.
The drive is ugly, warrens of pale brick and gas stacks and dam-like expanses of freeway.
Bedroom with pale brick walls, ceiling fan and two west-facing windows.
Beyond, as the first element to border a second quad, is the arts building, a rectilinear block of pale brick. The ground floor houses dance studios and three acoustically refined music studios that can be combined to create an auditorium by folding back the dividing partitions.
the skyline layered: pale brick, blackened sandstone, gold crosses.
These particular homes remain a contrasting element of the wider scheme, with their pale brick, render contrast, and clean lines with the contemporary twist of shallow, semi-circular, jettied bay features to the first floor frontage and more curving bows to the back.
The housebuilder has picked a classic look for the apartment buildings, pale brick upper storeys contrasting with restrained Regency-style stucco at ground floor level, set off by pedimented entrances.
This elegant '94 vintage is pale brick red with a smoky, tarry, rubbery whiff.
Luminosity is enhanced by planes of the pale brick, and by using birch veneered panels on the inner walls of the galleries.
Early buyers can size up the Ragley and the Burford at The Oaks, each of them traditionally-inspired family properties with black and white detailing and a mixture of render, tile hanging and pale brick.
Most sedate of the bunch, this pale brick red port is velvety and not too sweet.