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Graham (1996, 2003) summarized Hollick's works and demonstrated that there is further need for paleobotanical studies in the region on the diversity and importance of the fossil plant record of Puerto Rico.
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Pollen analysis and analysis of sediment organic matter content will provide the paleobotanical information needed to compare the evolution of the terrestrial and aquatic environments, making it possible to verify the timing of the response of past ecosystems to climatic changes.
The diameter and spine length of pollen from these accessions was similar to our measurements, specific to the species, Heslop-Harrison (1968) reported that the patterning in the pollen grain wall in many species is so precise, distinctive, and consistent that it has formed the basis for pollen taxonomy and wall patterning is widely used in geological and paleobotanical analyses (Moore et al.
The tree-limit may in fact constitute one of the most sensitive proxy paleobotanical indicators of past climatic variations (Payette and Lavoie 1994, Rochefort et al.
Additional paleobotanical findings are also required to establish the polarities of critical functional traits in the Ephedraceae, particularly those traits relating to reproduction and successful pollination (e.
The last three chapters feature paleobotanical and paleo-osteological research.
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