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To place hydroclimate variability observed during water years (2) 2012-17 into historical and paleoclimate contexts, the following station data were retrieved: 1) daily, quality-controlled precipitation, average temperature, and snow water equivalent (SWE) from the Carson Pass (2,546 m) and Tahoe City (2,072 m) Snowpack Telemetery (SNOTEL) stations acquired from the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS 2018a) and the gridMet product (Abatzoglou 2013); 2) GPS-measured coastal precipitable water from Petaluma, California, as a proxy for AR conditions acquired from SuomiNet (Ware et al.
"Nevertheless, our study shows that climate models have the ability of simulating abrupt changes by gradual forcing as seen in paleoclimate data."
But Caroline Lear, a paleoclimate scientist at Cardiff University in Wales, says the 600 ppm threshold may not hold true in reverse.
Key words: biogeography, ecological niche modeling, paleoclimate, phylogeography, seasonally dry forest
Clay mineralogical studies can be usefully applied to monitor paleoclimate. However care should be taken since clay minerals occurrences could not only be related to pedogenesis, but also be of diagenetic origin not to have direct relation to paleoclimate.
The West Without Water merges climate research with paleoclimate research and introduces readers to key discoveries in cracking the secrets of the region's past.
Alan Haywood, Paleoclimate modeller, School of Earth and Environment University of Leeds
"A Global Paleoclimate Observing System." Science 293.5527 (2001): 47-48.
As such, these references provide a detailed record of paleoclimate as well as paleoecology (Pitty, 1971; Marker, 1974; Pentecost, 1981; Pedley, 1990; Mischke and Zhang, 2008).
Citing high-resolution chronostratigraphy using rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy as potentially a transformative chronostratigraphic technique for the earth sciences, Kodama and Hinnov provide an overview and the pratical ohow too for a relatively new technique that can yield high-resolution chronostratigraphy for sequences of sedimentary rocks and provide paleoclimate data.