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[Gr.,=something read backward], rearrangement of the letters of a word or words to make another word or other words. A famous Latin anagram was an answer made out of a question asked by Pilate.
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a sentence or verse that can be read, by letters or by words, backward or forward; both readings will make sense and usually will be identical. “Madam, I’m Adam” is an example of an English palindrome.

The artistic quality of a palindrome depends on the structure of a given language. In Russian and other European languages, palindromes usually sound artificial and unintelligible, whereas in Chinese, for instance, many highly artistic poems are palindromes. Examples of Russian palindromes can be found in V. V. Khlebnikov’s narrative poem Razin’s Boat and in works by V. Ia. Briusov, I. L. Sel’vinskii, and A. A. Voznesenskii.

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A nucleic acid sequence that is self-complementary.
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After this important discovery, we'll move directly to Baroque era to meet Poltava priest Ivan Velychkovskyi (1630-1701)--grandfather of Ukrainian palindrome. In 1691 he wrote his magnum opus "Mleko" ('Milk or Ewe's milk belonging to the Sheperd').
Palindrome Communities developed the two-building Oliver Station project.
It exploits the notion of the bilateral order b(w) of a factor w and the palindromic extension of a palindrome. The bilateral order was introduced in Cassaigne (1997) as
Previously, I have shown other ideas for working with palindromes in novel ways, such as studying patterns of products of palindromes, investigating the occurrences of prime palindromes, and writing palindrome words horizontally or vertically in particular fonts (Nivens, 2013).
Quoting Joachim EUliwa, a professor at the Institute of Archaeology at Jagiellonian University in KrakEw, Poland in Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization, the magazine said whoever the scribe was had made two small mistakes when writing the palindrome, in two instances writing a "Iu" instead of "v."
Although many palindromes match single letters, like the central letters of the Latin word scilicet, "it is obvious," which mirrors c and c, i and i, until it gets to the middle 1, Anna/Otto is closer to the Japanese palindrome, which is often made in a syllabary called kana that matches groups of letters, syllable to syllable, (2) probably deriving from ancient China, where characters indicated phrases or sentences, and patterned texts could he easily constructed.
7 and 8 show one of the main phenomena of "macroscopic fluctuations"--a palindrome effect--reproduced with HC program.
There's more: the number 111,111 times 111,111 equals 12,345,654,321 - another palindrome. Better yet, the number 111,111,111 times 111,111,111 equals 12,345,678,987,654,321, which is not only a very big number but also a 17-digit palindrome.
It's Palindrome's stock in trade, namely the internet, specifically BT Broadband, which explains the dry, flakiness of the discussion.
The Y chromosome contains eight palindromes, regions that are an astonishing 99.94% to 99.997% identical at the base-pair level.
[5] Lychrelnumbers: number #196 palindrome quest.
Oraic Tolic conceived Palindrome Apocalypse in the 1980s, but with the 1991 attack of the Yugoslav Army on Croatia, she was reminded of disturbing visions from her poem again.